Monday, September 25, 2006

it's been a while

I know there are literally two of you out there who have wondered where I have been, or have not cared where I have been, but wished that I would write something so they could burn 1.8 minutes* on this page instead of working.

But here is the thing. I often don't have much to say.

Also, sometimes I wonder if it is "okay". Fortunately for that last post I don't know anyone who survived or died that one day. Sometimes I have a joke about church stuff, but then I think about reverence.

So I have adopted a new philosophy. If I am worried about whether or not a joke is reverent enough, I will type it silently with my arms folded. there, solves everything.

Anybody know something funny?

*the average


k8 said...

everything is funny if you say it with your arms folded

Cindy said...

I'm the second person!!!