Friday, June 24, 2011

More important that Art

Things that are more important than "Art" at the "Utah Art's Festival"

  • The Navajo Taco
  • Fried stuff at Airport prices
  • Keeping that local vendor of Ethnic food alive for another year
  • the Churro
  • Public Beer
  • lines
  • Bands that can't get people to listen to their music on their own merits so they perform at festivals
  • atm fees
  • Crafts
  • hemp necklaces
  • Public sweating
  • Stuff made out of things other than what the things were intended for
  • Bikes
  • lots of humans
  • booths
  • leather mugs
  • People that you normally just see on the internet, but now you get to see in person, maybe
  • complaining about stuff
Last comes the art.

Monday, June 13, 2011

a case for electronic books

Books are wonderful things
full and covered with ink.
They smell like so much knowledge
and have such a weighty presence
indicating all the fabulous things
I have stuffed into my head
But the ink wears off on my fingers
and the pages
become brittle when you read them
over and over
and now the electronic words
don't impress you on my shelf
but the ink only wears off
in my head
and it is the words that I love
and not the representation

Friday, June 03, 2011


This team of young misfits gang up to use there super-powers to save the world, but also they have dry and scratchy skin. It's called


coming soon!