Saturday, July 17, 2010

Walk a week in another one's ears.

I threw this idea around a couple of weeks ago and there was at least moderate interest.

I was thinking about how much of music do we enjoy because the music is inherently "good" and how much do we like because it is familiar. I went to Lake Powell with a bunch of friends and I didn't listen to much of my music down there. Some of the songs bugged, but I also got into other ones.

It makes you wonder if you walked for a week listening to someone else's music, would you be mostly frustrated? Would you approach it with wonder and discover new HipHop, Country and/or Top40 that you liked? Or would you discover that band that no body has heard of that you liked long before anybody else.

So I am going to do this little social experiment. I want to get a few people together to swap ipods for a week and then talk about the experience. I hope I get some people who have completely different tastes than me (meaning that you don't listen to a LOT of Insane Clown Posse).

Here are the simple rules:

  1. Let me know you want to be in the contest, by making a comment to this post..
  2. I will do a random drawing
  3. Swap ipods (at least 4 Gigs of music please) Either in the mail or I will facilitate at my house.
  4. Listen to the ipod at MINIMUM whenever you are in your car.
  5. NO MUSIC SKIPPING, ride it out. Let it flow through you.
  6. You can listen to playlists, or on random, but you can't just look for familiar artists or bands you have wanted to hear.
  8. Swap iPods back and blog (or facebook or whatevs about your experience)
  9. Mention your best experience and worst experience with the ipod
I think this is interesting also because of the state of digital music. According to DRM rights you don't actually own that copy of music, I can't lend you an album. I don't even know if this is entirely legal, but I know that it is right.

Okay now,


  1. You assume all risk (all artistic enterprises are inherently risky)