Tuesday, September 12, 2006


9-11 is kind of like 7-11, except instead of slurpees, you get a horrible tragedy.


jen said...

No! Now you're going to make me associate the two! My feelings toward slurpees must go unscathed.

Hi, i found your blog the other day and i laughed and laughed.

Manfoom said...

slurpees are nothing to laugh about.

aaron d.w. said...

one time when these people were going to play truth or dare jenga, my friend greg and i insisted that we write on all the pieces. i came up with such great dares as "lock your keys in your car," and "don't shower for one week." greg's dares included, "die on june 10th," and "bear your testimony." his truths included "what tribe are you?" my best truth was "7-11 or 9/11?"

this was 4 years ago.