Monday, October 02, 2006

New Television Programming

Here is a pretty good idea for a TV show:

You take a wayward celebrity, like maybe Paris Hilton, and with the help of some of his friends (accomplices) you "set them up" like they are going on a hike or something up the mountain. When they go up hiking though, they stop to take a break and people start pulling out notepads and radios and then they all start listening to LDS General conference.

Later, at her baptism, Ryan Gosling or maybe Ricky Schroder* comes in wearing a wayward baseball cap, and they are all: "You just got Church'd!" And then Paris gets all upset and then flips off the camera (but with the fake birdie finger, 'cause in the third discussion she learned that the real birdie is a sin).

I think this could be a big hit. I also have to give someone else partial credit for the idea. If this show "hits" I will give them a "from an idea by" credit.

*we can work out the specific casting details later, but whoever it is, they will have to wear a wayward baseball cap.


Maddy said...

Your blog makes me laugh out loud (in a good way).

Manfoom said...


wanna go hiking?

k tron said...

what about a reality tv show where you get "kicked on"

Cindy said...

I totally know where you got your idea from.

brian said...

nice use of sexist language

Anonymous said...

oh geez this should air between saturday sessions. This should be reality shows made in a half our right after the talks are given. Even better secure transcripts of the talks before hand and then such such such.