Thursday, March 18, 2010

I made a music video and it was okay

a while ago I made this music video on a date

but it wasn't for real. It was just for fun.

then I had a chance to make a music video FOR REALS for the Late Night Alumni. (see making of blog here) I have been hankering to film old people dancing in slow motion.

I also got to play with some lighting techniques. Play is often an underrated part of art. When we play with art, we try new things and make mistakes, but also stumble on happy accidents. Because the studio portion of this video wasn't covered in my budget, I figured I could do what I wanted to do. If I was viewing it as a purely client project, I would have played it much safer. Since I had some leeway I tried a few things.

I had seen this little french film and felt inspired by it.

What worked: the swinging lights, the altered frame rates
What didn't work: the shininess that I was trying to use to amplify the effect of the swinging lights. Unfortunately, this is most of the feedback on youtube about the video. We used glycerin to try to create the "glisten" effect, unfortunately it took focus away from Michelle Phan's incredible Make-up job

regardless, I am pretty happy with the results. Even if Becky looks "sweaty" "greasy" or "shiny" I think she looks beautiful here.