Friday, July 20, 2007

Free Dumb

Okay, so we Americans may not be the smartest people in the whole wide world, but at least we have the freedom to celebrate in whatever way we see fit...
Even if it means sexy-dancing with fireworks (It's my choice).

Maybe I shouldn't always get my choice.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Summer Corn

Summer time is a time for corn.
Some get caught up in the debate of corn. On or off the cob?

I think they miss the point entirely. I am going to vote for neither.


I thought you might be, but let me submit this. The best type of corn, is UNI-Corn.
behold the evidence:
Not everyone will agree on this point, but at least it is a discussion to pursue further:

(I might be swayed into the "on the cob" camp, but Unicorns play an important role in the manufacture of some of my favorite cookies).

Spring Chicken

I just turned 31. Okay, I didn't "just" turn 31, it happened a few months ago and it has been in the works for the past 30 years. Which leads me to my next joke.

I am no Spring Chicken.

But, Oh the glories of being a summer chicken.I bought this little number at the now infamous Circus Circus (it's like a double circus, but with lousy accommodations).

I have now had opportunity to wear the chicken costume in the following locations:
In the Circus Circus lobby
In the Circus Circus gambling area (which is apparently against the rules even if you bought the chicken suit there).
At a bachelor party
In a going-away parade at Liberty Park
To surprise my mother a few weekends ago.

I've mentioned that she has been sick, and she is now on the mend, so I flew out to surprise her on her birthday. Thanks to my brother, Adrian, she had no idea until he was signing her a happy birthday song and a large chicken was peck-peck-pecking her on the head.

Now that they live in Buffalo, I don't get to see the "folks" that much, so we made the most of the weekend by doing some sailing. Here is the proof:
Moms (aka: queen of the sea)
Brother Ethan (the rhyming ancient mariner):

'nother brother:
father Dayton:
not Pictured: Damian and Sister-in-Law Natalie.

I then ate a buffalo wing and then winged it on home.

Good times, but another reminder that I ain't no spring chicken.