Thursday, September 07, 2006

Knee Fight

So I was on "LDSlinkup" the other day. You know one of those networking places where you can keep in touch with old friends from wards and such. That place has loads of mormons on it.

So anyway, I got a "quicknote" from a guy named KneeFight3 that simply said, "Get your home storage ready". I thought this was kind of funny so I tried to find his account and add him "as friend" but when I did a search it said "user not found". So basically he vanished.

I just wanted to share this story because it proves that even over the internet, the church is true.


bex said...

that is just like a mormon. always looking out for their fellow man and reminding them to do good things like get food storage together and not swear.

bex said...

wait. he vanished? do you think that guy was one of the three nephites?

Cindy said...

Did you get your food storage together? What's going to happen when the scourge of crickets invades China where we get all our food from? Will you be able to live on your bulk rice or will you think, I wish I had listened to that KneeFight3 guy.

kneefight3 said...

mockers: forget the food storage. i'm dusting off my feet at your blog now. leave the food for the survivors.

Orrin Porter Rockwell Gritz (aka "Opie") said...

I heard that, if you move to Idaho, you can skip the whole food storage thing and just buy ammo for your guns. With a year's supply of bullets you just take whatever food you want instead of having to keep it in your basement until you need it.

Also, they have this plan in Laverkin but it is even better because, no UN.