Monday, September 11, 2006

Welcome to Havanna

This weekend I saw Cuba Gooding Jr. He was in Salt Lake at the Greek Festival. My friends were all, "take a picture." But I didn't.

I guess I am just not that excited about seeing Jeremy McGuire.


Anonymous said...

I thought that said Geek Festival.

Manfoom said...

Dear Anonymous (if that even is your real name),

Who are you to judge? I have read all your poems, and your inspirational sayings. I have heard your quotes at graduations and church talks, and to be honest, you suck at writing things. I add you to the long list of people that have only one name that suck, like Madonna, Creed, or Milli.

Yeah, and that one time when you only saw one set of footprints? it was because I was comming at you from behind, about to stab you in the kidney!

aaron d.w. said...
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bex said...

i think you should yelled "show me the money" because i bet he never gets that.