Monday, March 11, 2013

Appendix Jokes - A rap

I'm still getting hits for Appendix Jokes, which is hot*.

So to thank my latest commentor (Nick Netchvolodoff is in the HIZZY!), and because I am kind of street.  I wrote this rap about appendixes:

Yo, what up party people, this shout out is for  Nick Nechvolodoff
pull up a chair, kick up our your dogs, why don't you take a load off?
When it comes to rapping about organs
Words are a guitar and I am Jimi HendrixAll for your finger-like organ called your appendix.Rhymes flying so fast that I picked up some paper and I penned a wordsmith Lothario, here's hoping that you can mend this.Yeah, you know that's the worstwhen that thing's about to burstIt hurts more than the rise of Fred Durst(whose music is cursed with a curse).Then the surgeon makes that cut, a small two-inch incisionbetter hope that he's cuttin' with precision.Because where he's slicing is just north of the dickens.And you want to make sure that he is leaving you with more than just slim-pickens.Yeah your appendix is straight out of the duodenum, that organs' so stealth that you never seen him.Now listen up son, 'cause my rhymes gettin' hecticbetter cut out that thing, before it all goes septic.
Yo, I'm out(like your appendix)

I think I will quit my job and become a RAPPIST!!!!

 (like your temperature when you have Appendicitis)