Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Using my Talents for good, not ill (but also for the ill)

I have had a few more clicks from BING. I have oft criticized Microsoft, I have to give them this, their search engine knows how to find appendix jokes. I am now... wait for it

I should be an SEO consultant. Anybody want some snake oil?

So here is the funny* thing. My Dad is a doctor and he is actually a very good doctor, and not only that, he is the type of doctor that is really good at stuff, like taking out appendixes.

like he wrote the book on it. Okay, he just edited the book on it, but still, c'mon.

So you would think that having the #1 RANK ON BING and a Surgeon for a father I would actually have a few good jokes about appendixes OR I would be able to send business his way.

but nope, it don't work that way.

I wish it did because I totally want to lure him back to Utah. So do you know anyone who needs a Chairman of Surgery? or that doesn't need their appendix? NOTE: he is also good at removing gallbladders, large colons**, and son's delusions of grandeur.

I should be able to use my considerable internet prowess to get my folks home. But alas, even though my Dad reads facebook daily, he refuses to actually create a profile (we created this one to pressure him to join, you should join it). So he is impervious the the lure of the internetz.

Well if we can't get him here to cut up people, I will have to settle with having him come for thanksgiving.

So Dad, if you are reading this, you can carve the Turkey you hamburger.

*funny weird, not funny "ha ha"
**colons the organ, not colons the punctuation, but I guess as an editor he is good at both.
Weirdand FUNNY.


Barbaloot said...

Where are you guys doing Thanksgiving? I'd be rather happy if your parents came out here. And even more happy if I got to see them whilst they were here.

Bradford Lee said...

Excellent post my friend. I would love to buy some snake oil...if it really works.

Damian said...


My folks are coming to my house. Feel free to stop on by. They will be here From Wed. night to Sunday.

jayna said...

i think letting him carve the turkey is a good start...

love the post.