Thursday, November 04, 2010

Fitting in with the Hipsters

I'm not a hipster, at least I don't think I am (sometimes I wear Dockers), but I have learned to get along fine with this delightful folk.

Here is a couple of tips:
  • Don't use superlative, unless in irony. You can say that T.J. Hooker is "totally awesome", or that M.A.S.H. is the greatest show of all time, but if you really like something you heavily qualify it. Like this "Sujfan Stevens is kind of amazing" (When in fact he is TOTALLY amazing, even though I think he believes a lot more is Space nowadays)
  • do a blog
  • It's okay to make fun of Hipsters, because none of them think they are them. I usually consider Hipsters to be people that dress like my friends, but I don't think of my friends as hipsters.
  • make a piece of your own clothes. Even if it isn't cool, it gives you some credibility.
  • Know the difference between a Hipster and an Indie Hipster. Both are too cool for you, but the Indie Hipster will make his/her distain more naked. I actually think most Hipsters that I personally know are delightful folk, but they ARE cooler than me.
  • If you want them to like your pictures of stuff, get lots of lens flares in it. I like lens flares anyways.
  • Don't assume to know about a band that you think they don't know about. Instead of introducing a hipster to a new band, ask for their opinion. instead of "Hey have you heard of a band called the Animal Collective?" ask "Hey, what do you know about this Animal Collective band." They will respect that you know your place in this world.
  • Don't wear business casual to a concert.
  • Get apple products, but also hate apple, at least a little bit. Here is a good line "Yeah I got the iPhone a while ago, before Steve Jobs got evil."
  • Once other people start liking it, you are gonna have to start liking it on your own.
I wish I fit into a movement or a style. I am not really a Hipster.At least I don't think I am, but that is the thing about hipsters, if you say you are one, you probably aren't. So maybe I am way a Hipster. But I think by making this snobby blog I am a little more hipster. (and there goes my credibility, 'tis a fragile thing. Here is another thing about their kind: they are good at making fun at stuff, and look what I am trying to do.

So anyways


Dixiechick said...

Ummmm, this was sort of a brilliant post. :) You're so hipster.

Barbaloot said...

Not that I'm way behind-but I finally blogged about the ipod exchange. Thanks for letting me do it.

elsabags said...

Just because I made fun of your bro in business casual at a concert once doesn't make me a hipster- or does it.... No I'm way too old. Plus I have 3 1/3 kids so it's just not possible. But it was fun to make fun of your bro way back when.