Saturday, October 14, 2006


So I guess I have a new pen pal. I got this letter from Mrs. Elizabeth Coleman. She seems like a sensible sort:

It may come suprice of receiving this my letter but
dont be suprice i need a help from you,
I am Mrs.Elizabeth Coleman from Ivory Coast. I am a
widow being that I lost my husband a couple of months
ago. My husband was a serving director of the Cocoa
exporting board until his death.

He was assassinated last january by the rebels
following the political uprising. Before his death he
had an account here in Cote d, Ivoire up to the
UNITED STATE DOLLAR) which he told the bank was for
the importation of cocoa processing machine.

I want you to do me a favour to receive this funds to
a safe account in your country or any safer place as
the beneficiary. I have plans to do investment in your
country, like real estate and industrial production.
This is my reason for writing to you. Please if you
are willing to assist me and my only son Franck,
indicate your interest in replying soonest.

N/B note that all the necessary document use in
deposit are with me and also asurering you that there
is100%risk free in this transaction.

Thanks and best regards
Mrs.Elizabeth Coleman

Okay Mrs. Coleman, I am in. This is how I replied:

Dear Mrs. Coleman,

I was very suprice to get your letter. I now that sometimes these letter is not true, so please send me a picture of you and your son so I know that this letter is true. Please in your picture, be eating waffles, so I know that you take the picture for me and not from the internet.

These times are difficult in Affrica, what is it like there? do you have servants?

I talked to my bank and they said my bank account is biggest enough to hold your money. Please send pictures and money soon!

also, do I get a chocolate for helping in this adventure.


Mister Jamison Concorde

I hope she don't mind that I used someone elses real name instead of my own.


Cindy said...

She's my pen pal too!

Manfoom said...


she's mine!!!

Maddy said...

This is one of the oldest scams out there. It plays out the same way every time:

Widow sends a desperate email out into the world. Isn’t there anyone out there that will help her and her son? All she needs is someone kind enough to let her deposit a large amount of money into a bank account.

Boy receives email.

Boy has a big heart AND a big bank account! It’s the perfect match!

Boy wants to help.

But the boy is no fool. He has street smarts. He knows that the one thing that can never be forged is a photo of people eating waffles.

Boy politely asks for a picture of the widow and her son eating waffles.

Widow sends seemingly real photo of a mother and son eating waffles.

Boy is convinced. He tells the widow he is willing to help.

Widow arranges for a meeting to go over “all the necessary document use in deposit.” She will bring chocolate.

Since the widow is from Africa, she can only travel certain times (she has to look after so many servants that she rarely gets a day off). She can only meet the first weekend in April or October.

Boy and widow arrange to meet at the foot of a mountain.

Boy arrives at meeting spot.

The widow is not there.
There is a note instructing the boy to hike up the mountain to a certain spot.

The boy hikes up the mountain to the spot.

But there is no widow. There is no son. There is no money. There is no chocolate.

All that is there is a guy with a way awesomely wayward baseball cap and a camera crew.

I think we all know where the story goes from here.

Be wise! Don’t fall for this scam like so many before you!

Manfoom said...

like you even know the first thing about reality TV. It's people like you that keep decent folk like me from helping decent folk like Mrs. Coleman.

mimi said...

geez. if she has 7 mill she's gonna figure something out.

mimi said...

oh, you mean she doesn't really have 7 mill?