Friday, September 05, 2008

Do the Apocalypso

I am kind of fascinated by the Apocalypse. My friend Adam and I used to pretend it was the Apocalypse on his trampoline and we would shoot lazers out of our hands at the armies of Gog (and Magog) because that's what we thought the priesthood could do. I am not trying to be sacrilicious here, we really kind of though that, but we also used to debate whether or not Ninjas were allowed crossbows in olden times ('cause of the "no guns for ninjas" rule).

Even though I am a little doubtful about the lazers, I am still intrigued by this period, and even though my theology doesn't really allow me to believe in Zombies*, I am still going to prepare just in case. I just hope they are the slow kind like in most movie and not the fast kind like in 28 days later 'cause I am slow of foot. I also think that if I was surrounded by Zombies on all sides and they were slowly closing in on me, I would start believing in the rapture real quick.

But I guess whether it is Zombies or Gog's or whatevs I am still kind of stoked for when it all goes down (think about this: no matter what happens food storage is still a good idea). I just hope the internet is one of the last things to go down because I really like playing wordscraper (nee scrabbulous). Man, if being good at scrabble was a weapon, I would not fear the Zombies, no, not one bit.

*This is for people that tell me who they are, they get specific blogs on the topics that they like.


Kim Raynor said...

Heh. Oh man . . . zombies and lazers. Awesome.

Smithereens said...

This "Adam" you speak of sounds like a charming fellow. I'd like to meet him some day.

Coincidentally, Gunner and I were jumping on the trampoline and blowing up robots with missile launchers the other day. While we didn't specifically state that the robots were part of Gog's army, they probably were. And I'm sure we were using priesthood missiles.