Thursday, January 17, 2008


Doctor (examining a patient's appendix): Wow, I bet that hurts like the Dickens!
Patient (who is a minor celebrity): No, it's actually just north of the Dickens

(cue laugh track)

This was said to my father (a doctor) by a patient (more like IMpatient) who makes his living off making jokes. Which is a bigger crime: to violate HIPA or to steal a joke?

I want to become the Robins William of appendix jokes.

Thanks to the fine folks at the Google, I am the NUMBER 1 result when you search appendix jokes.

I got three hits yesterday alone!!! I am getting at least one a day!! I dont' have enough exclamation marks!!!!!

I promise my next jokes won't have a theme, or at least they won't have THIS theme.


Ems said...

wow, you really are the number one on google...congratulations! appendix jokes!

Brian said...

Very impressive. You've done a great job at optimizing your site for appendix jokes. Now you need to start selling advertising. I want to see some great ads on your site for appendix surgery discounts.

plainoldsarah said...

but i like this theme. don't stop. unless you get another one i like as much.