Monday, July 31, 2006

a short joke


Okay, I don't think that little people should be an object of ridicule. They are normal people who happen to be short, but I have an acquaintance who is a little person. I would say he is a friend, as we are friendly, but we don't go out for shakes on the weekend or anything. So I don't want to be one of those people who say "I have a friend who is black/gay/werewolf" and then say a racist joke.

This is based on a true story.

So anyway, I was speaking to him about the term "Midg@t", asking him if that is an acceptable term. To which his reply was, "No for us (meaning "our people") the term "M!dget" is like the word "N!#&$"".

So I want to be careful with this tidbit of knowledge. But then I find out about "little people" conventions, and I wonder if they are walking around the convention hall all "Whassup my M!dgets!?" and, "M!dget what!" "M!dget please!" and slapping high* fives with their little fingers?

I've gone to far, haven't I?

So anyway, now you know what it is like to spend any amount of time with me. I am a lame-humored anti-midgite (I am not really an anti midgite, I really do love their people, they are so good with chocolate).

I hope nobody ever reads this forevermore.

*not that "high"


nomadic gnome said...

enjoyable blog, matey. I especially like your jose encounter.

dallapozza said...

oh damian.