Friday, August 04, 2006

Journal(ism) now in cinemascope

This blog is not about me,

it is about my ability to make bad jokes. But sometimes this desire to make jokes collides with the real world. Not this real world:

but the real real world. A world where we struggle for life and leisure and desparately try to figure out who is the boss of whom.

So the other weekend I bought a camera, and the other other weekend (the more recent of the two), some friends got together.

not these friends:

These Friends

and also these friends

and we packed up in a large gas swilling vehicle and went to visit Mona.

not this Mona:

this Mona:

(I'm sorry, the other mona was a bit of a stretch)

So we had a pretty good time

we actually had a great time

who am I kidding, it was nigh on a religious experience it was so good!

Some people might tell you different (that it was only the best thing of the summer instead of the best thing of a lifetime). But don't trust people with bad hair lakes.

anyway, by the time the swamp thing showed up, it was about time to go

So went to find someplace to eat.
We first saw this place

but we decided to eat someplace else

Actually we didn't even eat at that someplace else, we ate at this someplace else

and the food was delicious and greasy

I know what you are thinking: "Oh dear!" They had SO much fun.

Oh deer is right!

Who's the boss now?


Cindy said...

Wow. Those 16:9 photos make your life seem like a major motion picture.

bex said...

this was the most brilliant description of the ropeswinging experience i have ever seen. Oh-Ay Ay-Oh!

Manfoom said...


I have a friend named Angela that I have effectively offended one too many times by refering to her in that way.

she seriously hates me now.

k tron said...

best trip to mona ever.

eped said...

oh boy! oh man! you cover some of my most my most shameful favorites here. I've looked over at that reservoir in Mona from 12000 feet, no wonder I missed the rope swing! you've shown me something else within 45 minutes that I can do in the summertime when all the worl...

anyway, so I should go.
hey Angeler, Samanther, let's go to Moner. (it's glandular)