Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Down To Business

It's been a while since I shared some of my GREAT IDEAS, and Since I don't have time to actually start a new business I thought I would share some of my business ideas with you, you are welcome to use these ideas for yourself and get fabulously wealthy. My only request is that you share some of your humble millions with me.

1. Literary-O's
since I often spend my evening with "Honey Bunches of Dinner" I realized that the literary merit of cereal boxes is somewhat lacking. With Literary-O's you would get a healthful breakfast(dinner) cereal, but on the back there would be short stories by innovative up-and-coming writers. Here is the beauty part, the stories would be "Cerealized" so you would have to buy a box a month to get the whole story. Also, it's available in chocolate and walnut-crunch.

2. Air Dunk 'ems
Since Michael Jordan died there is a huge market for Michael Jordan memorabilia. There are even a couple of b-ball players pretending to be the next Air to the Jordan name. But no one has really taken advantage of how much he loved churros. So I would make a handy pack of 6 churros and a little thing of chocolate that you "dunk" them in. The little thing of chocolate would also have a drawing of a b-ball net on it so you could pretend like YOU are the Air of Jordan. It the thing of chocolate could come in other flavors too, like caramel and walnut-crunch.

3.Circle of Friends
This would basically be like Facebook, but awesomer. So instead of having this huge clump of people you know called "friends", you could sort them by how close they are to you. Imagine a group of concentric circles. On the outside is "dude you just met", then there is "acquaintance", you could work your way all the way down to "comrade", "Friend", "Framily" and then "family". When you added someone you could let them now what circle they are in. You also click on the circle every time you post something so not all of your posts/pictures/statuses are shared to everyone. But here is the beauty part. The "family" is both the inner circle and the outer circle, and they won't know which one they are in. Also, it's available in walnut-crunch.


Kim said...

I lol'ed at "cerealized" and "next Air."

Nicely done.

april said...

I LOVE the Literary-O's idea! And I promise if I ever have millions, I will share them with you to get it going.