Thursday, June 19, 2008


Here is an APPENDIX of good ideas. They are all free, no JOKE. If you make millions off of any of them you only have to give me one of your millions.

1. I'm gonna write a book called:

How a stressful job will help you worry the pounds away.

I'll probably only sell a couple of million.

2. The UTA traxxx should have a car on each train dedicated to scooters, no seats, just a big freight car with a place to lock in the scooters. Most people like the idea of trax but don't like getting too and from the station at either end. UTA could sell a more expensive scooter pass and more people would use the train. This idea is made of gold and I have more details if you are interested.

3. Someone needs to make a car stereo for the iphone and let the iphone be the faceplate. It is already about the right size and then you will always take it with you. It could even be keyed in so that only your iphone would work with it. Tadah! anti theft device! It is so simple and genius I can't believe no one has done it. I think the biggest challenge is the frequency on which AT*T opperates (a thing which seems to always cause interference with speakers).

4. Piecake.
I have talked about this elsewhere and was even given a delicious piecake on the anniversary of my birth, but we need to talk about it more. Who is going to be in charge of starting the web-community around this idea (it is VERY WEB2.0)It is a pie INSIDE a cake. It would have a tool where you can "virutally" try out combinations like apple pie inside a carrot cake or cherry pie inside a double chocolate cake. I bet a lot of people would do coconut cream inside a German Chocolate cake, but that's there business.

5. Back-scratch therapy
You have seen it at church, but I think someone should bring this art out of obscurity. A good back scratch makes life worth living. You could have church pews with cushions along the backs of the pew in front of you (for a headrest) and if you don't have a white dress shirt (best thing for a b.s.) they could be provided. There are also different fees associated with different "types" of backscratch: "Hard" "Tickle" "Spelling" (there will be a selection of poetry to work from) and the ever-popular "going on a treasure hunt".

6. an anti-viral ad.
Everyone thinks viral ads are a good idea, and that if you make an ad and then call it a "viral ad" and make it cheaply that everyone will want to email it. I would like to make an ad that stops people from forwarding it and also encourages them to spend less money and maybe go outside once in a while. This ad will also have high production costs and involve well trained actors.

7. Extra large size pudding cup.
So I don't have to eat three.

That's it for now, but I will have more in the future.


appendix joke!


judy said...

regarding #5:

you would have to charge extra if someone has bacne

Ninny Beth said...

I think the official name for the cbs (church back scratch) is actually a "RUB DOWN". but I'll let you have this one.

Anonymous said...

you are my favorite. so is this blog. they are tied.