Friday, June 18, 2010

This Summer

This summer doesn't have a name yet, maybe it is time to put away childish things. Here is a list of things that need to happen this summer, regardless of it's name:

-bike rides to Gelato
-strawberry lemonade and pad thai
-rope swing
-Fly to Buffalo
-Visit Reservoir Powell (it's not a lake people)
-Hang with Smythers
-Hang with the Half-bachelors
-Hang with Mr. Cooper
-Photo Op road trip
-Make a bollywood movie
-Make a hollywood movie
-Make a move
-Bust a move
-listen to some Busta Rhymes
-Grow some lemon thyme
-Caprese Salad
-Lemon Basil Limeade (trust me)
-Make some ice cream
-Make out in a summer rainstorm
-Music video
-swim a mile
-walk to church (yeah, I go to church, and like it. What!?)
-cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes
-sleep under the stars
-Sleep under the stars, and also a roof and a blanket.
-make it to a beach somewheres
-leave the country, even for a bit.
-get some sun.
-get some shade
-backyard, firepit paella
-spend some time in a convertible (anybody got one locally)
-reconsider the scooter issue
-take a tour of Thanksgiving point on a Segway, afterward, try to re-obtain some dignity
-drive in movie (to a movie I don't really want to see)
-late breakfast on Saturday, should involve something sweet and something savory.
-get some color on my legs
-get some sand under my feet
-get some laundry done (it has to get done)
-picnic, basket and all.
-frisbee (bonus points if you can get a dog to catch it).
-long walks in the park
-short walks in the neighborhood.
-Evening constitutional.
-Eat outside at LEAST once a week.
-See more sunsets than I miss.
-street tacos (HARD)
-Nielson's Frozen Custard
-Go to Arizona
-Listen to the song "By the time I get to Arizona"
-Don't let Public Enemy's bitterness get to me
-See some of the best kids in the world, and their Mom (my Sister).

Did I miss anything?


rachel thurston said...

Can this list be my list? You have the best ideas AND the best way of saying them.

april said...

I'd like to do most of those things too.

Replace "Hang with Mr. Cooper" and "spend time in a convertible", with "drive around in a Mini Cooper".

I'll take your basil limeade, and trade you for some rosemary lime ice cream.

Will probably have to skip the beach, but will sit under the stars and watch some Will Shakespeare.

MamaD said...

This sounds great - I think I should print it off and hang it on my fridge as a daily reminder - and hopefully cross off all of them by summer's end.

bex said...

Rope swinging. Yes.

Damian said...

So I am working on names. Any ideas?

El Summer Super Bién

or Superbién Summer seem about right. I want a taco.

Dixiechick said...

You forgot one....visit your sister-in-law and neices and nephew in AZ. There. List complete. :)

Damian said...

Oh man, that's the double truth Ruth.

I'm on it.

elsa bags said...

you need to make a √ box next to your list- especially since you can now √ off nielson's frozen custard.

btw i'm in az right now as i'm typing this...