Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A well coined phrase

So there is this guy who linked to my blog pointing out my opportunism with the google searches (re: appendix jokes). He coined the term "googlooping" to describe the phenomenon. I hearby want to encourage the use of said term and of said practice. Please regale me of your tales of how googlooping has increased the crash errant surfers to your virtual sandy beaches. Link them to that guys post and whoever google's googlooping will find him.

I myself have found my "appendix jokes" traffic to be waning. If you are interested in helping with this project. Mention "appendix jokes" in your blog and link it back to that page.

If you hate both of my projects then try out some of the other words and phrases that I am trying to coin and get accepted into the lexicon.

Tomorning (tomorrow morning) ex: "I'd like to stay and french-out but I gotta get up awful early tomorning"

Yesternight (last night) ex: "I am real tired 'cause I frenched it up yesternight."

Dormulent (incredibly sleepy, desiring a bed) ex: "That guy is always blaming his sleepiness on kissing out but he is really just a dormulant galoot."

Alright, that's enough blog homework for one night.


M. H. D. said...

Yes! Let the Googlooping feedback loop wail! It seems to be backfiring though so far, since your post is the only search result for "googlooping." What's up with that?

Here's a term that I'm trying to get assimilated into the vernacular:
Insinuendo (insinuation + innuendo) ex: A: Dude, are you doing a dirty dish art project or something? B: I really don't appreciate the insinuendo.

P.S. I think went to you house once, but you weren't there. There was a room full of sticks glued together. Am I mistaken?

Wendi said...

You are super dang funny. I have one I might like to add. What about...
Cramastinating (cram + procrastinating) ex. Dem darn students have a problem with cramastinating for me tests because they divert from wholesome mind expanding study time for lip lockage. Sheesh!!

Rich said...

My blog has the number one google listing for:

Montreal Monkey Dome

Brooke said...

Although I am no googloop connoisseur, I must say that I love a little word mixing. Here's a seasonal one.
Preaster (pre + easter) ex: We're recognizing Preaster this year, everyone, because you all are gonna be outta town for the real thing.

Then, of course, the follow-up: Hapreaster (happy + pre + easter) ex: Hapreaster, everyone, hapreaster!

jaime said...

hi. blogstalker here. (via the infamous "you know how i do" blog...)

my 4 yr old has coined "lasterday": which quite simply is yesterday or as he puts it "the last day before this one." you and he should get together. you could start a trend.