Friday, November 16, 2007

This is NOT a musix blog

Okay, you guys know me (all 17 of you per day) and you know that this is not a music blog. I am not the guy that knows the latest music. I may be the last one to get on the feist train, so late in fact that I am getting on the feist bus that runs late into the night, but don't let this song get into your ear, or you won't get it out.

Thanks and curses to D.Hurley for feeding me this.
There are other versions out there, but they have too many darn elements (not Honda). Here is the other thing that I am going to muse upon: Watching this I am overtaken by the beauty of Feist, but in the way that makes me want to tell people that sometimes beauty has nothing to do with the arrangement of flesh upon your skull.

There are a lot of beautiful people in the world (at least a dozen). It's tragic, or at least lame when they don't get that about theyselves. I for instance have a number of good things going for me, but I am often awkward and have many things about me that are less-than-ideal, but sometimes I recline against my conviction that I am fairly awesome. It is not a comparative thing, but just a thing that I think is healthy to think about yourself, not that I am awesomer than other nor even the awesomest (expecially not in grammar nor spelling), but I think we should all have an abiding belief in ourownself and ourown awesomeness. If we believe this in a healthy way I think we separate ourselves from the products that we create. We can take criticism as something that can't destroy us.

I think the key in that is to be open to the awesomeness of others, and people, I am putting you on notice. If I spend much time with you, I have some evidence as to your awesomeness, so I don't want to hear you down on yourself.

Here is the last part of this musing.
Another awesome thing, is the hot cocoa that I make. Request it by name.


wild murdocks said...

lovely song. I like how there aren't a lot of embellishments. And that everyone is comfortable and connected and the music seems to come naturally from them. delicacy and depth.

One more delightful thing about the performance was the instrument where you blow into it to produce the keyboard sound. I fought very hard and ruthlessly at a white elephant gift exchange party game to get an instrument just like it! I didn't know it could be used in such a professional manner. I will start practicing.

I think we all need to work on the awesomeness-self-awareness thing. Although you don't know me--I'm just a creepy blog-butter-inner.

judy said...

I have learned to take any recommendation offered by D. Hurley even if it doesn't feel right at first (i.e. Troll 2) I have also learned that Damian's hot cocoa is a gift from God.

Dainon. said...

If you spend no time with me, does it mean I sucketh?

plainoldsarah said...

i want cocoa! i have only met d. hurley once but i have all kinds of respect for him based on that one meeting. i think he's super cool! i also think feist is super cool. thanks for being cool enough to spread around the coolness. or the awesomeness as you call it.

Anonymous said...

i love it. thanks for sharing. check out my blog... i have a link to yours if that's ok. i'm not super active on it yet, but i'm liking having an almost public forum for whatever the heck i want.

Brandon said...

Thanks D! Can you post that one scene from It Happened One Night now for comparison?

Cindy said...

This is also NOT a word blog.

Grant said...

That was just the pick-me-up I needed tonight. Many thanks to you, Damian.