Thursday, November 08, 2007

One of these days these shoes are going to walk all over you.

LinkI made these shoes for a friend t'other day. I did the negative space with white acrylic paint and used sharpie paint pen for the black lines. I think i will make more of things similar.

I can't say the idea was mine alone. Monstershouel (scroll down).


Ems said...

oh, those look great! you do such awesome shoes sir.

Cindy said...


wild murdocks said...

You're quite the artist! You'll have to post the monstershoe link again, it doesn't work. And where did you buy the shoes?

Brilliant idea.

Spencer and Kari said...

I will be the first male to break down and confess a desire to like these shoes...akin to my desire to like you in general. Well done and medium rare.

bex said...

i never knew that feet could fall in love.

Damian said...

Thanks all.

letting these shoes walk away from me split my heart asunder. I wisht I could made them for meself.

thanks. Which ems are you???


Tha-ank -yo-uu


Link is fixed. The shoes were purchased at Nordstrom's raxxx but I usually work on regular old vans from the vans store. (Raxxx is cheaper, but you gotta take what they got).

Sp to the K,

Thanx and Howzit going?


finally, now if you can just get your blog, the one with all the real traffic to report, I can start doing a lot more of these for free.

Rachel said...

I want some. my birthday is saturday. my address is:
327 baywood dr.
newport beach, ca

Damian said...

I think you are going to get a bunch of junkmails at that address. Do you want me to delete it?

f*bomb. said...

These shoes are amazing.
I can't even do that on paper.

Send mine to Rachel's address! MY birthday is on Wednesday!