Friday, January 19, 2007

Race for the Cure

Does anyone know of a cure (or treatment) for social lethargy? I am pretty sure simply watching Battlestar Gallactica isn't the cure, but I don't think I can know that for a fact without trying.

Also, does anyone know of a site where I can download a good backrub?

I would really appreciate it if my fans would help me out with this.


maren said...

Your wrong, BSG is the cure. In combination with a mattress on the living room floor, a case of diet coke, and pizza delivery on speed dial, magic happens. Platonic sleepovers happen. It is exciting stuff.

The downloadable backrub is a gateway to porn, I won't contribute to your demise

Manfoom said...

I'll give it a shot. the three episodes I watched tonight haven't really helped me. Maybe going to see Of Montreal for free will.

By the way here is the nerdiest thing that i will ever say on this website:

I secretly hope that Orson Scott Card would get the director of BSG to replace Wolfgan Peterson because I feel he has a better grasp of starship battle strategy.

there, I have said it.

k tron said...

maren is right... BSG is the cure.

Manfoom said...

well I should be getting better any day now.

marshall p said...

wait... you have fans?

what do you get when you have a sex injury?

a sinjury.

marshall p said...

hey, I have a new blog. you can visit me at

aporitic said...

Hmmm, I'm familliar with "going to see the doctor for a new prescription" and "going to the Thai restaurant for some curry" but I always thought free will is built-in and you don't have to see anybody to get it.

Plus, Of Montreal aren't allowed to have anything to do with free will as that sort of thing is a heresy (Pelagian).

Sorry to be no help.

maren said...

Is Battlestar getting in the way of your blog?

T.R. said...

you answer your own question. the sure is "nutraburger".

Cindy said...

Are you just waiting for me to post before you put another post up? No more games, Manfoom, no mores game.

Manhands said...

I'll rub my blog on your back if you want.