Saturday, January 13, 2007

Handsome New Year

My new years resolution was going to be "Be with more handsome people", but that is kind of impossible.

If anyone is looking for someone to stand around looking handsome, I am available for parties and whatnot. To answer the questions that you are forming, yes, that IS velvet, and NO you won't be disappointed.


Maddy said...

Wait- there are people in that photo? All I see is a tree that makes me wish it were Christmas everyday. Breathtaking.

Manfoom said...

You can make it Christmas everyday if you heart truly desires it.

Christmas is in the giving, so give me a gift and truly you will feel the Christmas spirit.

lilcis said...

Who's the dude in the green sweater? I think I knew him from The BYU. What a small, mormon world we live in. That I could go from link to link through other people's blogs and see pictures of people that I used to know.

Manfoom said...

He is my cousin, and roommate Dave. He runs a mighty fine music blog by name of LeafandLime. It's on my musix links.

Thanks for reading.