Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thank Goodness for Thanksgiveness

Things I am thankful for: (In no particular order)

high-fives (the comeback)
hearty oatmeal
Mom and Dad
Hobo lore
the collected poems of Ogden Nash
backflips, and the people who do them
the "slamdunk"
micron pigment pens
cougars (and pumas)
warm laundry
"the ladies"
movie theater popcorn
hot cocoa
Owen and Olivia (and Morgan)
cold cocoa that has been heated up
the "web"
digital photography
things that are awesome (both old and new)
blind dates
deaf dates
pigs in a blanket
wool blankets (for the poor)
wheelchair athletes
New York Doll
miniature pony's
"Shame On" signs, and the people that hold them
barbecue sauce
Arbby- Q sauce
frozen custard
pies, in the face or in the mouth
pie cake
sad clowns
swimming pools
The Waffle House (the awful house)
brilliant ideas
that video for "i'm from Barcelona" where the guy's tie changes
"getting over it"
fish tacos (the good kind)
Massaman Curry
a good backscratch
the sunlight through the window in my front room when it hits my shoulder before a nap
people at my house
Battle Star Galactica
the idea that a pan can punch through steel
memories of youth
hopes for future
the fleeting moment that is now
Akira Kurosawa
machines that quietly hum
the Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Teaching Sunday School
a job
holy writ
The Honey Bunch of Oats
seeing "Jeremy McGuire"
the fact that CarriDee will be on for at least one more week
Zhang Yimou
that DeVotchka concert
stolen glance
that painting
Ben's print
friends that found love
online drama
Jet Blue
the prospect of Christmas
Sufjan Stevens 'Christmas Album
Thurl Bailey's Christmas Album
Sweet Potato casserole
naps on the carpet
Kids that think you are a "pony" or a "rocket ship"
the decline of Jessica Simpson's carreer
fire pits
the canyons
the sea
Lake Powell
Emmerson Lake and Palmer (just for the song "touch and go")
the word "probate"
lack of colostomy bags
less kidney stones this year (when compared with last)
Blue Kitchen
Friends that will go to movies with me
little gifts
the Wasatch Fault and the portent of our doom (just the portent, not the doom)
Steven Greenstreet
scribbled poetry, never-to-be-read by the object thereof.
that millisecond after a sneeze
a scratched itch
sweet relief
sweet relish
relishing the moment
momentary bliss
Karma Chameleon (not so much)
trained dolphins
sharks that are unaware of the skill and cunning of a trained dolphin
scuba knifes strapped about the ankle
harpoon guns
movies that end with "The END?"

the END?


Anonymous said...

What about jigs?

My new favorite movie "Stranger Than Fiction" ended in The End!

Manfoom said...

jigga what?

STF was pretty good, but I was only kinda thankful for it in such a bad movie year.

Maddy said...

If hoboes are your thing, check this out:

I am thankful for Lil' Max Meatboots and Stump Tongue Mumbler.

Brandon said...

That's like 50 candy corns.

mimi said...

i'm not on your list?

Manfoom said...

well, you deserve much more than a spot on a list.