Friday, June 24, 2011

More important that Art

Things that are more important than "Art" at the "Utah Art's Festival"

  • The Navajo Taco
  • Fried stuff at Airport prices
  • Keeping that local vendor of Ethnic food alive for another year
  • the Churro
  • Public Beer
  • lines
  • Bands that can't get people to listen to their music on their own merits so they perform at festivals
  • atm fees
  • Crafts
  • hemp necklaces
  • Public sweating
  • Stuff made out of things other than what the things were intended for
  • Bikes
  • lots of humans
  • booths
  • leather mugs
  • People that you normally just see on the internet, but now you get to see in person, maybe
  • complaining about stuff
Last comes the art.

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