Thursday, May 05, 2011

movie idea: THE HANDS

I hope you are not tired of Mormon movies, because I got a thriller for you.

There is this incredible Relief Society group, and they seem like average women, with your normal foibles and weaknesses (like gossipiness, judgementalness and soft arms) but they are really great at preparing meals for ward activities. Then one of them, let's say Marjeen, discovers that she has super strength in her hands, and this other one can shoot fire from her hands (that's Linda), and another one can knit super-fast , let's call her Busy (short for Elizabeth, but she is also a busybody). 

So it turns out that they got the super powers because at all of the ward dinners, they always blessed "the hands that prepared this meal." (Nancy did get any powers because she showed up, but she would just stand around and "supervise" because she was a counselor in the relief society presidency, and her hands didn't do anything)

Later, there is a bus accident that kills them all, but their hands come out of the graves to do deeds because they are so blessed.

The movie is a tragicomedy, but you also learn a lesson because Nancy dies anyways and her hands can't do deeds or anything. Service is about more than just supervising <-------That's the moral of the tale.

I think my Mom would be embarrassed that I wrote this story, but it is based on true events.


Kim said...

This really is a true story. It happened in Steve Martin's ward.

My word verification is "stainglu" which is my favorite thing about this day.

Damian said...

It's not a true story, but it is based on a true story.

sorry about the stainglu.

thechoulespauls said...

love it