Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The First iPod exchange is underway

So I didn't do a great job of organizing this ipod exchange and did the exchange on the day I got back from being in New York for a week.

Nevertheless a few valiant gladhanders still took part. This is how it all shook out:

This person- got this persons ipod:
Barbara Dayton - Kim Raynor's
Kim Raynor - Barbara Dayton's
Damian Dayton - Emilie Campbell's
Emilie Campbell - David Feil's
David Feil - Damian Dayton's

I started listening to the iPod I got. It was interesting, no playlists, just bands so I started listening in order. I haven't really discovered new bands, but rekindled affection for older bands I liked and good old folks that I haven't listened to.

Some highlights include:
Otis Redding
The Beatles- Revolver
Carole King
The Killers
Neon Trees

After a few days, I set the ipod to shuffle. Now I am getting a lot of Mother Hips and Bright Eyes. I like Bright eyes. I have always felt that listening to my ipod on shuffle is like listening to a radio station programed by a "me" from another dimension, constantly surprising myself with stuff that I forgot that I liked.

I think that every human being should have a few Cat Stevens songs on their ipod. When you run across them, it is a gift.

I also had the thought that alt-country isn't nearly as good as good old fashion country. It's like we like it because it is being played by "cool" people, but the real deal, like the old stuff is nice.

I wonder how mine has been received? I wonder if they know that I have some purposely embarrassing songs on there? I wonder if they can get through the very thick collection of They Might Be Giants songs that I have?

I didn't set a trade back time when we started this. Some got their ipods earlier than others. I am thinking at least a few more days. I feel like I need to hear a few more hours of this pod.


Carole Cannon said...

I'm bummed I missed this first exchange! If you do it again, let me know.

cropstar said...

If you organize another exchange I'd like very much to be a part of it. Por favor.

Damian said...

I think I will organize the next one over facebook. Add me a as a friend and I will gladly invite you to the event.