Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I've been gone since November

NOVEMBER!/!?! serioulsy, November?

So, I have been busy. Since then I have:

growed a beard (it is sharp and pointy)
celebrated dos holidays
Cooked Christmas Dinner for 15
Shot, directed and edited my first music video (it gets released this week)
flew to Mexico, San Francisco and off the handle.
Landed our company's first national commercial (it involves fire, racecars and ponies)
ate a lot of burgers and Kentucky GRILLED chicken
cleaned my house
made a mess of my house
moved wards (Hello, married Mormons!)
worked with Kyle Busch (of Nascar fame), Sam Sarcinella (of I-am-engaged to Kyle Busch fame) and David Archuletta
Watched some TV
thought about Andre Churro, the inventor of the Churro.
blogged a bit elsewhere
managed expectations
went on a road trip (not like the movie)
snow shewed
cooked some tinfoil dinner
didn't sleep
lost 40% of my hearing (left ear only)
spent time with niece-child

and so forth.

Mostly I have been working (like a dog, a hard-working dog) So I better write some blog stuff down. Maybe I will just post some blog-like emails that I wrote for work.

okay then.

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