Friday, August 28, 2009

Books (not the band, but you should listen to them also)

I have many ideas for books, many are partially written and some are just (good?) ideas. Maybe those few of you that haven't stopped checking my blog periodically can help me figure out which one to finish first. The parentheticals aren't subtitles, but descriptions (if the title is not enough)

Here we go:

Who Died and Made You a Casserole? Funeral Potatoes and other sad dishes (Mormon recipes and their reinvention).

Women are From Mars and Men Can Make Sound Effects (Okay, we get it were different, but your formula is all wrong)

Gardening Through the Apocalypse (because you can't live off of Capreses Salad and Salsa. imagine the Zombie Survival Guide mixed with Victory Gardens)

Confessions of a Mormon Menace. (self congratulation/flagellation)

So You Are Having a(n Evil) Baby? (the story of Ploepl and Hoetz and their concerned parents)

Gryphon Bicycles (juvenile literature about a boy who flies, but not the way he dreams about)

Carl Alt Delete (short story, a man creates his own online resurection after he find offline life so disatisfying)

Well what do you, my adoring public want (both of you)?

Maybe I should just focus on coming up with titles. I could go off for a while on movie ideas as well.


rachel thurston said...

of course I would want to read about sad mormon food...but they all sound interesting.

if you publish a book, I will buy. please do.

Brandon said...

My vote is for the baby book.

Barbaloot said...

I'm pretty sure your Mormon Menace stories would provide large amounts of entertainment.