Friday, June 26, 2009

The summer of...

Yeah, I promised a name for summer a long time ago. without a name this summer has been

The Summer of not warm but with lots of rain.
The Summer of not eating enough frozen custard
The Summer of I guess I'll just watch a little Ultimate Fighting until Daisy of Love is over.
Overtime Summer
The Summer of really, really, it's raining again
The Summer of life would probably be 100% more interesting with 10% more zombie attacks
The Summer of INTERNET!!!
The Summer of Saturday nights are for finishing videos about exciting business opportunities

THAT my friends is why it is important to name your summers. Without a name, your summer knows not what to do.

This summer may be many things

Roadtrip Summer
The Summer of Swing (rope not married couples)
The Summer of Love (didn't work the first time)
Homegrown Summer (I have a garden)
Air Summer (michael r.i.p.)

I even tried to sell everyone on this idea:


You know if everyone focused on me for one summer, we could take turns. Just think of how awesome this would be(for me).

But I think this summer is about the slower things, the finer things.

This summer is

The Backyard Summer

I'm not going to do anything inside this summer that I can do outside. I have a new garden a new firepit and a hammock that needs some quality time. Some of this summer will be in my little back yard, and some will be in the BIG backyard.

Even though I am the indoorsy type, this is the backyard summer. If you want a T-shirt just email me (though I already printed them up, but with the Summer of Damian logo, so that will have to do). So quit moping around the house for Michael (r.i.p.) and Suzanne Sommers (the King of Dunks and the Queen of Thighs) and start moping around your backyard.


Cindy said...

Can your backyard summer include other people's backyards, like the one I'm going to acquire sometime at the beginning of July?

Damian said...

all backyards are invited. Invest in a hammock. I just saw hammock and stand at world market for 99$. A bargain at twice the price.

Kim said...

Oh how I would like a real backyard! I currently have an Adjacent Grassy and Treey Area Awkwardly Close to My Neighbors' Windows and Patio.

Nice, but just not the same.

P.S. word verify: "sinsick." Why don't you keep your moral commentary to yourself, eh?

bex said...

i give this idea two thumbs up. i may need to borrow your backyard, though.

Damian said...

My backyard just keeps getting better. All backyards are welcome, and all are welcome in my backyard.

Lee said...

Backyards are for hacktards.