Friday, March 20, 2009

What I have been up to:

not much
just hangin' out
takin' it easy
just givin' people a soft time
leavin' off the last "g"
gettin' r' done
you know...
bloggin' what's on my noggin
Makin' brothers with the others (on LOST)
the usual
The yoozh
work, then rest. Next day, more work.
watchin' TV
drawin' on shoes
just chillin' yo
about 185 lbs.
the same ole stuff
the innernette
napping, a lot of napping
partyin' like it's somewhere near the end of the last century
mostly ponderin' regrets
abject loneliness
wistful sitting
a lot of facebook
roadtrips!!! (but mostly thinkin' about them)
The Rock of Love (bus)
I can't believe it's not butter (spray)
makin' mac n' cheese


Brian Watkins said...

You can stop blogging now. You have finally written the perfect blog post

Kim Raynor said...

What I have been up to:
likin' this post
likin' it a lot