Thursday, January 08, 2009

This year

To quote The Mountain Goats, "I am gonna make it through this year, if it kills me" since lists are a thing to do these days, I am going to write a list of goals, resolutions, plots, ideas of things to do

Run a marathon (do this in weekly increments, 1/2 mile every week oughta do)
Start selling my shoes on the internet
buy more shoes (so I don't go barelyfoot)
hot tub
make a shirt that says "it's better to hot tub, than to not tub"
make a shirt that says "What happens on the internet, stays on the internet"
resist the urge to start an internet t-shirt company
start new trend in fashion called business jammies
more naps with greater focus
spend less time watching crappy TV
spend MORE time watching excellent TV
get in shape
accept "round" as a shape
less pain
more joy
more almond joys
avoid paralysis
buy a muppet
create something for the ages
create something for the ageist (that makes fun of the elderly and their fragile hips)
name a child Agamemnon (it doesn't have to be mine)
find a baby momma
do a pushup
make bacon-butter a reality
get into at least one, anger-fueled pie fight
Get this show idea done
hold hands, feed ducks, kiss on a bridge
involve someone else in aforementioned goal
get new roommates (seriously, I am losing two good ones)
buy more art
spend more time with my friend Art
Conference calls with Trace and Brian, have action items
get a focus for this blog
use new camera.
Go on at least three road trips with the sole purpose of finding a good place to watch a movie
Make it to the Art Institute of Chicago, re-inact the scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off
take the day off (with or without Ferris Bueller)
Get out of the country at least once, but not Canada (AKA: America light)
stop copying Brandon's joke about Canada
find out what's wrong with my guts
Paint a mural in guest bedroom and get people to stay in it.
bring less shame to the family name.
more insulation for the family house
backyard bbq
hot pots
hot pockets
get in at least one really good argument with someone that I love, and maintain a good relationship afterward.
break my heart or at least wound it.
cause less pain.
Thursday Night Movie Night, it's time to comeback.
be less of a brat
clean up after myself, maybe even before myself (if I get ambitious)
cook at one fine meal a week, and by "fine" meal, I mean one that doesn't come frozen and have the name "lumberjack" on the box.
find a couple of new Breakfast joints.
Be someone that others can lean on.
After they have been leaning on me for a while, quickly step aside so they fall down.
Rediscover the genius that is Yakov Smirnoff.
Pursue idea for "Perfect Strangers: The Movie"
coin a phrase
cash in coins in Spiderman-head-bank
get past "Difficult" in Fieldrunners (grasslands)
keep opinions to myself
learn to animate in Motion
finish the ogre that is TCWWAK
more time on Wikipedia
less time on Wickedpedia
further entrench self in the position that musical theater is "not that enjoyable".
Come up with one new thing to do.
Talk to family at least once a week.
Less swearing
more wearing (pants)
see docs at Sundance.
see doctors after Sundance.
Be grateful
finish the cabin
New York City, 'cause I miss it.
be okay.

I think if I hit 50%, the year will be a full success.


Cindy said...

Did you get your camera?

Tracy said...

I can mostly get behind this list but let's be honest: paella is kind of gross.

Ems said...

I think going to Canada should count, it's still NOT America even if it wants to be America.

Damian said...

CMP shockwave,

not yet, I wait with bated breath. then I will need an adventure to go take pictures on.


You couldn't be more wrong. Bad paella is gross, good Paella is good. If I hear you talk bad about my friend again, I will punch you in the throat.

Damian said...


the reason I can't count Canada is that my parents live half an hour away from the border. I will not accept a foreign country that lets you use your Costco card as an ID. BTW, this is a true story. I don't use it as a goal because I am 97% sure that I will see Niagara falls again. However, I will compromise. If I make it to Banff this year, it counts.

Brandon said...

I approve this list. BTW, its Canada is America Jr. and Puerto Rico is Mexico light, but I can't claim to have come up with either of those jokes.

Natalie said...

I don't think you're a brat now, so I am interested to see how you are going to change after completing this goal of being less of a brat.

judy said...

I think I can help you on a couple of these - I bet you can convince Greg to move in. It might involve him breaking a contract but it would save him from freezing to death.

also - good breakfast can be found at Millcreek Cafe on 33rd. And even though it's chainy - Paradise Bakery has some fine breakfast selections too.

Saskia said...

Forget Canada. You need to cross an ocean. I suggest you come see us in Switzerland. Bring Art and Jasmine along. :)

Saskia said...

Now, as any Swiss will be happy to point out, Switzerland is not Europe. Hence, it remains an island of social, economic, and political conservatism. The food and scenery make up for some of that, though.

Lee said...

Such a great list. I am copying it for my life.

Emilie and Branden said...

Business Jammies. I am SOOO into that idea.

Sarah Bellum said...

Can you please make the business pajamas in a pink shade? That would make my life complete.

Damian said...

As long as they are pretend, I can make them in any shade.

the only thing I can actually make is shoes. And those I can only draw on, someone else has to actually make the shoe.

Sara said...

Not sure if it is yet socially acceptable to admit blog-stalking... (Redeeming point: I do actually know you. From like 5 years ago.)

Just wanted to tell you that this post cracked me up.

Hope you don't mind barely-not-strangers reading your blog. What if I clicked on an ad from time to time?

Damian said...

Yeesh Sara, it's not stalking if we are totally friends who haven't talked in a while. I am glad you liked it. I hope to get back into updating this dealio more.