Friday, October 24, 2008

More Moderation in all things

Come on guys, no body running for president is a terrorist, or a criminal, or an idiot.

They all misspeak, they have all shook hands with someone they don't agree with and have probably spoken at events that you wouldn't attend. But enough with the invective already. I am growing tired of the politics of calling your opponent a fool, a liar, or a thief.

Neither of our candidates are saints. I wish more of the debate was about their policies of governance. No matter whom is elected, they will probably spend less time working towards the cause that you believe in and more time trying to patch together a broken economy, and trying to find enough money to simply run the government.

I don't think there is a more apt time to reflect on JFK words, now is not a time to ask our country what it can do for us.

I still believe in an honorable American ideal, maybe it is like Plato's chair and doesn't really exist, but I think we are still a people willing to work to build it.

Either way, I'd like to encourage you to vote, but also to do a little ready, studying, thinking and praying. You might come to a different conclusion than me, but that's what we can do for our country.


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Kim Raynor said...

Thanks for the post, Damian. I can't decide the real reason I'm excited to vote this year. Is it because I honor and value our precious democracy and the freedom to speak up about the way my government functions? Or is it because I love getting a "I Voted" sticker? Quandary, quandary.

k8 said...

bravo damian. well said.