Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Summer Corn

Summer time is a time for corn.
Some get caught up in the debate of corn. On or off the cob?

I think they miss the point entirely. I am going to vote for neither.


I thought you might be, but let me submit this. The best type of corn, is UNI-Corn.
behold the evidence:
Not everyone will agree on this point, but at least it is a discussion to pursue further:

(I might be swayed into the "on the cob" camp, but Unicorns play an important role in the manufacture of some of my favorite cookies).


f*bomb. said...

Planet Unicorn- heyyy!

Ninny Beth said...

what about the corn "water" camp? I could be the only one who exists here. Thanks for the pics of you in chicken suit too...brightened up my rainy korean day.

Damian said...

you must be smokin' beer.

Cindy said...

That Unicorn sort of scares me. Many things in costumes scare me.

f*bomb. said...

Did you know Unicorns can model, too?

mimi said...

this blog is pure bliss.

aporitic said...

What mimi said.