Friday, April 20, 2007

Hot Lava

Sorry folks. I have been a travelin' of late so I haven't writ much. I will try to remedy this (though I will not try very hard).

I went to Lava Hot Springs with some friends both old and new (the name sounds better when you call it "Hot Lava Springs"). We left on Friday and It involved some driving. How about some pictures of that?


As you can see, we left pretty late, so there were no rooms left at the hot lava, so we kept on driving, and driving and driving until we got to Idaho Falls.

We didn't stay for the falls, but we did stay for the gas-tanks-that-look-like-soda-pop cans, so which I think counts for something.

A lot of the trip felt like this:
But sometimes we went to thrift stores in Blackfoot, and in the end we did take a dip in the hot lava.
thanks for the memories guys.


juder said...

how hot is it?

bex said...

1) jealous

2) did you wear your googles the whole time as sunglasses?

3) personally, for soda haters like me, the idea to make gas containers look like big soda cans is a poor marketing strategy. However, I can see how for the majority of the world, it probably lessens some of the aversion to paying an increasingly exorbitant amount for gas if you can associate it with getting your tummy tickled by delightful carbonation bubbles

Damian said...


A: about a million


1) You should be. It was the best road trip I have had it a long time.

2) I took of the goggles whenever I got in the water.

3) don't worry, the cans didn't work promoting soda or the gas station. The gas station was out of business. There was a sign that said: "Closed tell further notice" (which proves I was in Idaho). Just down the highway there was a grain silo that promoted beer, the farm was still functioning, so I guess beer was winning. Happy?

I have pictures of all of these things too, but I don't know how to post them in "comments".

Cindy said...

That's my new hometown!

Bex, why ya gotta be a soda hater?

Greaselips said...

You never told me you were friends with Adam Brody & Mark Hacking.

Dainon said...

Who's the hot little girl? Prolly somebody's girlfriend, which pretty much figgers.

Damian said...

she is that other guy's fiance.


understand rubberband? said...

I'm glad I found you on Ellens????? blog? Weird....
I liked what these people said, "You never told me you were friends with Adam Brody & Mark Hacking." and "Who's the hot little girl". thanks everyone.

Damian said...

I am so glad you finally found me.

Who are you?