Monday, March 19, 2007

Words to your moms

I think this blog needs to take a new direction. I write only every so-often. Clearly this is not sufficient to stave off office boredom. So I want to put it up for discussion:

More photos?
Drawings? a Sketchblog?
taco reviews?
TV reviews?

I am going to need a little help here, because I don't have very many witty things left to say (except a few jokes about leprechauns that I am working on, but I may have to wait until next St. Patty's day).


Cameron said...

This taco review concept interests me. Maybe a taco pro/con debate?


It just might work.

Manfoom said...

How about:

"Less talk, more taco"

Cameron said...

Taco 'round the Block(o)?

k8 said...

i am intrigued by the taco idea. especially because it could prove a handy reference tool once the clever wore off.

Cindy said...

What about challenges. I love challenge blogs. Not challenges that you are having in your life, challenges or tasks that you give other people that need to be done at a certain time.

Manfoom said...

I could start a blog called "Stuff people send me" and I would encourage people to send me stuff and I would post pictures of it and tell about it if it was awesome. Like that papercut of a bear murdering a puma that you sent me. Or like the package that I won from K8's blog (that also was awesome).

Maybe I could just make a post about it.

But if people want to send me stuff. I'll allow it.

Cameron said...

Clever wears off?

"Pride and Predjutaco: A Discussion of the Mexican Sandwich."

Wow, you're right K8. It wore off amazingly fast.

Cindy said...

That's brilliant! It might be slow-going at first, but in time, I believe that you'll get so much stuff.

You could call it, "Getting Stuffed."

Dainon said...

Howl bout you start detailing your many conquests here? I'd totally read. And take notes, even.

Manfoom said...

Unfortunately, if I detailed my conquests, this blog would have even less written in it.

heatherlynn said...

combine the taco discussion/reviews and the sending stuff to you into a daily challenge involving both.

this could be real good stuff.

i instantly imagined a creatively subtly placed taco in every scene of the latest version of "pride and prejudice" and loved it even more.

mimi said...

dear foomie,

more of everything.